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April 18, 2013
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                                                          ~A FOOLISH GIRL~

    Anderson led you and Loki back to the SUV and returned you to your apartment. Only when the SUV pulled away from the curb did you release Loki’s hand. He stared at you, a curious look in his eyes. He almost seemed disappointed that you had let go.

    You felt a drop of water land on the tip of your nose. Glancing up, you saw the dark clouds overhead as it began to rain. Glancing at Loki, you turned and hurried to the door of your apartment building, leaving him to follow. Back in your apartment, you felt like you could finally relax. As you locked the door, you glanced at Loki, who had moved to the window and was staring out at the balcony.

    You couldn’t help but admire him. His tall stature made him notable, and he carried himself with all the grace and dignity of an Asgardian prince. Whenever he looked at you with his blue-green eyes, you couldn’t help but feel a slight shiver go down your spine. Loki was desired. You could definitely say that.

    The thought crossed your mind and you wondered if Loki could still love. In his insanity he had abandoned all sentimentality and gentle emotions, but had anything changed since then? Despite all his faults you believed that Loki could still be a good man if he chose to be. The only question was would he make that choice?

    In your heart you felt something towards Loki. Compassion? Pity? Surely not love. Love was one of those things that came over time, and you had only known Loki for a few hours, really. Time would only tell what could happen, if anything would happen, between you two. Right now, you needed to keep your mind focused on everything else that was going on.

    You stifled a yawn. Glancing at a clock on the wall, you squinted to check the time. It was 5:30 A.M. It was fair to say you were both physically and mentally exhausted. Your short nap on the way to S.H.I.E.L.D. had hardly been enough for your body to recover after traveling through the Abyss.

    You arched your back and bent backwards as far as you could, smiling as you felt your back pop in various places. When you straightened up, you caught Loki staring at you. “What?” you asked him, still smiling.

    “I-nothing.” Loki turned away quickly, almost embarrassed that you had caught him staring at you. What exactly had he been staring at?

    You eyed him suspiciously. Was it that he found you attractive? He looked at you often enough, but with the abrupt way he always treated you, you would have thought not. With one last questioning glance at Loki, you turned and walked over to the fridge, searching for something to eat. You tried not to remember when the last time was that you had eaten, because like so many other things – you didn’t remember. For now it was best if you only thought of the present and possible future.

    Looking through the fridge, you saw there wasn’t much there – a few drinks, some basic food necessities, and a box of leftover Chinese. Hmm…if you and Loki were going to stick around here for even a few days, you would need to go to a store or something.

    You set the Chinese back in the fridge and grabbed two eggs from the carton. Swinging the door closed, you grabbed a pan from a cupboard and filled it with water, then set it on the stove to heat. You glanced over your shoulder. “Loki?”

    “What?” he asked, still staring out the window.

    You paused as you stared at him. “I’m making some food, did you want something to eat?” you asked, feeling somewhat awkward. It wasn’t every day you had an Asgardian prince in your apartment and offered to make him food.


    “Are you sure?” You asked. “It’s no trouble if you want anything.”

    “I said no,” Loki answered abruptly.

    Well fine, you thought, turning back and carefully spooning the eggs into the water. Why was it that Loki was always so abrupt, even to your kindness? You wondered if it was really worth showing him any kindness. But you knew the answer. As long as you showed him kindness, he would have no legitimate right to treat you unkindly.

    As the eggs cooked in the water, you selected one of the apples from the fruit basket on the counter and tossed it in the air, thinking. It was weird having Loki in your apartment. Everything with him was always dramatic and noble (or not) and complete grandeur, yet here he was in your apartment standing by the window while you boiled eggs. Somehow that just wasn’t an image you ever thought you would see.

    You tossed the apple up one last time and when you caught it, you turned and pulled out one of the drawers and withdrew a sharp kitchen knife. Holding the apple in the palm of your hand, you cut deeply into it with the knife. The knife passed swiftly through the apple.

    But it didn’t stop there.

    The knife passed through the apple and cut deeply into your hand. Immediately you felt a stinging sensation across your hand. Then the pain came. You dropped the knife and cut apple onto the counter as the blood poured from your hand.

    You took a step back, holding your hand and biting your lip to keep from screaming. The pain was agonizingly sharp, from your hand even up your arm. Your hand was bleeding rather freely, and you knew that if it continued you would have even more problems.
You reached up and grabbed a towel from the counter and pressed it against the cut. As much as you tried to keep quiet, the touch of the fabric caused even more pain and you couldn’t help but cry out softly.

    Tears were beginning to come to your eyes. You weren’t one to normally cry, but the pain was overwhelming. You closed your eyes tightly and prayed for the pain to go away…

    A second later you felt someone grab your arm tightly. You opened your eyes quickly and there Loki was, kneeling next to you. Loki…you had completely forgotten he was there.

Loki looked at you silently, noticing the blood on your clothes and the floor. Your blood. You closed your eyes tightly, for Loki’s touch caused even more pain.

    “What did you do?” he asked calmly.

    You swallowed hard as you answered. “I-I was cutting an apple…” another tear trickled down your cheek. “The blade slipped through and…”

    “Shh..” Loki said, taking your cut hand in his as he carefully pulled away the towel. You looked away quickly. As far as you knew you weren’t too shy about blood, but you really didn’t need to see your wound again. You could still feel the blood drip from it.

    Loki examined your wound closely. “A clean cut,” he murmured, glancing up at you. “I can heal this, but you must keep still. Understand?”

    Eyes shut tight; you made no movement or sound.

    Loki squeezed your wrist to get your attention. Pain once again shot up your arm as you turned you head quickly and glared at him.

    “Do you understand?” he repeated.

    You nodded silently and watched him work. Taking the towel, Loki wiped away as much blood as he could. By now the wound was barely bleeding, though every touch of the towel made you wince in pain.

    Setting the towel on the floor, Loki ran his fingers gently along the edges of the cut. Again, you winced, but you took notice to how gently he worked.

    “You are a foolish girl, __________.” He said, glancing at you disapprovingly.

    You stared at him silently.

    Loki continued to circle the edges of the wound with his fingers, and very faintly a blue light appeared around the wound. The more Loki moved his hand, the brighter the light grew. You could feel the edges of the wound pull together, which was its own painful experience. You involuntarily tried to pull away, but Loki held fast to your wrist with his other hand.

    Moments later your hand was healed, the only hint that something had happened was a thin, silvery scar. You stared at it, speechless that Loki had been capable of healing you so well.

    Loki stroked the palm of your hand tenderly, his slender fingers causing your skin to tingle. He was so close to you…

    “Very foolish…” Loki murmured, looking into your eyes. He leaned closer to you; his lips not even an inch away from yours. You stared into his beautiful blue eyes, completely captivated. Just as he was about to close the space between you, he stroked your cheek gently, but stopped suddenly and pulled away.

    Disappointed and surprised at his sudden movement, you stared at him questioningly. Loki stood quickly, and you saw that he still had blood on his hands. You raised your own hand to your cheek and felt the sticky feel of blood.

    “I’m sorry, __________.” Loki said quickly, turning away. You stayed where you were on the floor, and a moment later you heard the door to Loki’s room slam shut.
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