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Knight Trilogy

SuperWhoLock + MCU (Avengers)

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Meet Clarissa Holmes. She's just out of high school (via private tutoring overseen by her uncle), she's brilliant, and loves to travel (there's a lot more to her than that but details aren't important in these sorts of introductions). Though a series of accidents that were certainly not accidental, Clarissa finds herself with quite an...interesting group of people, and they have had quite a few adventures.
What's so important about Clarissa Holmes then? Well, nothing. At least she's not any more or less important than any other person in the universe. She just happens to know people.

Her father is Mycroft Holmes, but she often sneaks away to Baker Street to observe her uncle, Sherlock (who didn't even know she existed for the longest time), and his best friend, John Watson
She's a companion of the Doctor, a Time Lord who travels literally everywhere with his T.A.R.D.I.S.
On one of her many adventures with the Doctor, Clarissa found herself in trouble and was rescued by two brothers who are hunters - Sam and Dean Winchester (she still keeps in touch with them)
She has Tony Stark on speed dial, and somehow got the attention of the God of Mischief, who plots something likely terrible...

...What could possibly go wrong?
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Best from "Fan Fiction"

Forgotten ~ Chapter 1 [LokixReader]
                                                                      ~THE MEETING~
    You woke up slowly, your head pounding as you gasped for breath. There was a ringing sensation in your ears, and as you slowly lifted your head, it only got worse. Your chest ached from having apparently landed flat on your stomach, and you could feel as you slowly moved that your arms and legs were sore and no doubt had a variety of bruises and scrapes. As you managed to sit upright, you realized that you had been lying on the cold, wet ground, as evidenced by your damp clothes. Great.
    You drew your legs closer to your body, and you tried to recall what had happened to bring you here. All that came to mind was a blur of flashing lights and high pitched sounds that you could not describe. It was a
Silence - A Child's Cry Part 1
    It had been a bloody battle, to say the least. Countless soldiers from each side had been killed all over the palace. The chance of finding survivors among the carnage was unlikely at this point, but soldiers were still sent out to search. The people still wanted the hope that all had not been lost.
    Hope. It was such a weak sentiment. What good was hope in a time like this? Hope would not get them anywhere with retaliation. Revenge, anger, that was all one needed. But Thor is ever hopeful…and pathetic.
    Loki strolled down what was once a grand hall in the palace, taking little notice of the desolation around him. He had wanted, no needed, to get away from the screaming and crying of those who had survived. Their screams were aggravating to him. It probably would not have bothered him so much if he had caused their screams…
    In the silence he looked around, trying to remember how the palace looked before the attack. Even he had trouble remembering what it onc

Play With Fire
    If ever there was a person who could be compared to that of a flame, it would have to be Loki. He burned bright, and was as dangerous as he could be helpful. There were times that he was a devastating being, and there were times that he gave aid to those that needed, just like fire. Loki had always been cunning and mischievous, but his more recent actions made everyone believe that he was too dangerous to be trusted. Aside from Thor, it seemed that there was none in Asgard who believed that there was any good in Loki anymore. Well, everyone except me.
    Though I had been one of many not close to him in his time of transformation to what he now is, I saw more than most. Aside from Loki himself, I might be the only one to have witnessed most of what he did…I might be the only one to have seen what he was like in all the times he was alone. My perception of him, therefore, is not entirely the same as the rest.
    How is it possible for me to know
One Step Behind Chapter 1-1 [MagnusxReader]
    “Good morning, __________,” you heard as you worked at your desk. You looked up quickly and pulled out your earbuds to see Kalle Svedberg walking by your desk and sitting across at his. He was a middle aged man with light brown hair, pale blue eyes and an ever present semi nervous look on his face.
    “Morning,” You replied as you slowly leaned back and paused the running playlist on your ipod, being careful not to let Kalle see it. Though you were both detectives, he was technically above you in rank and he had occasionally come down on you for things like having your ipod or phone out when you should have been working. It really didn’t matter that you could be working and listening to music at the same time. It was too unprofessional for his liking, and you tried to respect it, but sometimes you just had to have music going.
    “How was your holiday?” you inquired quickly, hop

A Mother's Love [Loki One Shot]
WARNING - This story contains spoilers from Thor: The Dark World.
    Loki sat in his cell in the dungeons, reclining in the chair as he slowly turned a page in the book he was reading. It was a book he had read many times over, but there weren’t exactly many other things for him to do. It had been a full day since the attack, and though it was still a topic of interest to Loki, he had tuned it out of his thoughts for the time being. He was not free and he was not dead. Why should anything that happened concern him? Let Odin and Thor handle their kingdom. What was Loki but another prisoner?
    The guards had long since come to collect the dead – prisoners and soldiers alike. There had been no reluctance dealing the death that had come to the realm. So many lives had been lost…good lives that had served in the defense of their realm to their last breaths. Such dedication…even Loki would be a fool not to admire it.
    No wo
We All Get Tired [AdamxReader]
    Walking down yet another seemingly abandoned street, you surrendered to your momentary boredom and pulled your ipod from your pocket, carefully untangling the mess of wires that was, on occasion, a pair of barely working, green and black earbuds. You had to be careful as you pulled the wires through their entangled loops, because one forceful tug too many and they would be broken for good. It really didn’t matter how expensive a pair you could buy, you were cursed with earbuds that didn’t work proper. Maybe you just got stuck with all the defective ones, or maybe you were actually rather brutal to the poor things and you just didn’t realize it. Either way, broken earphones were all you ever seemed to have.
    But enough about that…you had successfully untangled your earbuds and were happy to find that they still worked. You had to turn the volume on your ipod up roughly 75% of the way to hear at a comfortable level, but hey, it worked!

Things from youtube


The beautiful, romantically depressed Adam

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Glorious Collection

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SuperWhoLock + MCU (Surpernatural/Doctor Who/BBC Sherlock + Marvel Cinematic Universe) 

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A writing tag from TheSpitfireSpirit. This should be interesting...

It can be for original fiction or fan-fic writers. This is for all writers of any variety.


    1.    Answer the questions

    2.    Tag 2 people 

    3.    Have fun! Make the answers long or as short as you like.

1. When did you discover you enjoyed writing?

It was when I was ten, obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. I had my own OC imagined and this ridiculously complex story, and I just wanted to write it down. I didn't think much of it (and at the time I had no clue what fan fiction or any of that was), but I was proud that I had written something, so I always wanted to go back and do something of my own. Eventually, I started with my first novel, and after a few tips about paragraphing, I was pretty much on my way. 

2. What are your strengths in writing?

My first strength has always been dialogue, or at least that's what people have always commended me for. I'm good at descriptions without getting too boring, and apparently I'm able to write vague short stories that still hold a great amount of detail and symbolizing (not saying it's true, that's just what some people have said. I think I suck most of the time).

3. Your weaknesses?

I think I ramble and lose focus a lot on little things, which makes my writing go in little circles instead of a direct and logical way.

4. What is your favorite genre to write in?

Historical and fantasy. Or better yet, put the two together. I really wasn't writing much "modern" stuff until Black Knight (and some of the fan fiction that takes place in modern times), and I like it, but I do write differently depending on the time period. 

5. Do you consider yourself a good writer?

I think I'm good at what I do, because that's one of the strongest talents that God has given me. but "...there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself..." I'm really only concerned with being the best writer that I can be, and even then I know I won't be the best. That's how I like it :)

6. Do you like to let a lot of people in real life read your work?

NO!!!!!! Oh goodness no. I mean, yeah, I want people to read my books but when it's people that I know...I get really self conscious because there is more of me displayed in my books than anywhere else (except my room maybe). I'm always scared that people that I'm "close" to would be upset and judgmental about my books. I'm probably mostly way off there, but it's still a fear.

7. How often do you write?

As often as I can. There's hardly a day goes by that I'm not writing something, be it a book, one shot, fan fiction, or editing something. It's one of the best things to do when I need alone time. 

8. Who are your favorite authors? Why?

Shakespeare is one of those things that just sweeps me away. Amazing works in such beautiful and descriptive dialogue...I swear I can never not want to read Shakespeare's plays. Sally Gardner and Christopher Paolini are two of my favorite authors. Paolini's books (the Inheritance Cycle) were some of the first books I read for pleasure that I endlessly loved, and Gardner's novels are just so wonderfully well written. I also love Stephen Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle, which is (sadly, I will admit) the only series out of his many books that I've completed. He is fantastic at Celtic lore, and I'm never disappointed there :) I like a bunch of classics, but listing those and their authors would take way too long :XD: And I know I've left out a bunch of other authors that I adore, but there are just so many and it's hard to elevate certain ones above others. They all have special meaning to me, so I just can't choose!

9. Do you have any OC's? If you do, describe your favorite one.

You have no idea how many OC's I have! Just last night (well, it was nearly 1 A.M. but that somehow is still "last night") I came up with two new characters :XD: But to pick a favorite...would anyone be shocked if I said August Hudson from my novel, Black Knight? Both he and Alistair are very special to me (not only because I'm currently working on their stories...). August was one of the characters that I was very careful in creating, because he is essentially my "ideal guy." So I wanted him a little romantic and loyal to the girl he loves, but I knew I had to be careful to ensure that wasn't really the only thing notable about him, especially when you compare him to Alistair.

But August is smart, funny, a little quiet at times but not a wallflower. He's usually pretty determined when it comes to getting what he wants, and he hates not knowing what's going on. He likes to see people smile, but he knows when not to cross lines (most of the time anyway). He is a little impatient, and gets a little moody when he's frustrated. And he likes his coffee black with a bit of sugar, and his guilty pleasure is caramel...particularly caramel apples ;)

10. If you write fanfic, for what fandoms do you do so?

Heh...Marvel, particularly the Avengers, particularly Loki is what I've written the most of. I did a little Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings a long time ago, but we're going to forget I said that alright? ;) I've done a *tiny* bit of Supernatural and BBC Sherlock...and I'm plotting something horribly complicated for next year....

11. Do you prefer writing by hand or typing?

I have to type. I have to write a synopsis of whatever segment I'm working on, but I have to type aside from that. I would write by hand, but ADD and dyslexia don't help much there. My mind just goes to fast to get it written on a piece of paper before I totally go black, but thankfully, I was pretty adept at typing when I first started seriously writing. 

12. Are you a huge critic when it comes to writing?

Guilty as charged. I try to not be, but I'm sorry, grammar, spelling, proper punctuation and overall format are very important to me when it comes to both writing and reading. I just happen to live in a very critical and "everything must be perfect" kind of environment.

13. What format do you most like to write in? (Prose, short story, poetry, vignettes, etc?)

I have to write prose. There are occasional short stories, but it's usual not something I like doing, because I like things to go on and on and on until kingdom come. I've done a little poetry, but I'm not proud of it, aside from a couple of little things.

Hopefully these answers are acceptable :) and I hope you all enjoyed reading them! I tag... Elflover21 and Feanor-the-Dragon 

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Ashly Turner
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

I'm Loki's girl and I'm in love with Magnus Martinsson. :heart:

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Hi! :wave: I'm Ashly, but you can call me Ash :)

I am a Christian, and I always try to put God first in my life. I’m dyslexic, which makes a lot of things just a bit more tedious, especially when writing. I adore Shakespeare and love reading/memorizing as much of his works as I can. I’m a hopeless romantic and am annoyingly optimistic a lot of the time, or at least try to be. I am the black sheep of the family, but someone has to be, so why not me?

I do love Tom Hiddleston, as is pretty obvious by my page. Other than his quite dashing looks and amazing abundance of talents, I see him as a humble, passionate, and optimistic man, and he has become one of the greatest inspirations and role models I have (though he's certainly not the only person I admire).

I love to write, as it is one of the few things I know I can do well, regardless of what sort of writing it may be. I greatly enjoy writing fan fiction because it gives me the opportunity to work with a variety of character types, whether they’re the kind of character I like or no, because I strive to keep them in character. It has also helped me to create more individuality between my own original characters. I mostly write about Loki, because there is so much of myself that I see in him (good and bad), and writing about him not only provides the opportunity to understand who he is, but to also understand who I am, and knowing where to draw the line between us.

I currently live in the United States, but I intend to move to London, England after college, assuming that an opportunity doesn’t present itself sooner. I want to study theater and film production, and my career dream is to be a movie/theater writer and director. I’ve also gotten back into writing my own books, and I believe that part of my future is to write and publish my books.


"The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him." ~ Nahum 1:7

"Wait upon the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." ~Psalms 27:14

"To have compassion for a character is no different from having compassion for another human being."
~Tom Hiddleston

"We all change. When you think about it, we're all different people all through our lives. And that's okay, that's good, you've got to keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be."
~ The Doctor

"The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things but, vice versa, the bad things don't always spoil the good things or make them unimportant." ~The Doctor

Einstein's Theory of Entanglement: “When you separate an entwined particle – move both parts away from each other – even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or effect one, the other will be identically altered or effected.”

I like my men like I like my tea – hot and British.



My Guardian Angel <3

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